Talbot County Queries

 2008 - 2009

July 2008 - Perry Love   cjlove1@gmil.com

July 2008 - Flynn and Chandler   sdunn48@yahoo.com

July 2008 - Sherwood   crsnider@ameritech.net

August 2008 - I am searching for info on Isabe Dupuis, wife of Pierre Landry. They were exiled from Nova Scotia to Oxford, Talbot County, Maryland, where she died after 1764. She was born circa 1730. I am looking for any info but her parents names would be of tremendous help.  tjblanchard@yahoo.com

September 2008 - Does anyone have any information on William Rose probably born in mid 1700s and around Talbot County   rlprouse@mac.com

September 2008 - last name Shalling   don-hilda@netzero.net

September 2008 - Can anyone tell me the connection, if any, between Henry Harris and William Harris who both died in 1708 in Talbot Co. bbaird410@atlanticbb.net

October 2008 - Looking for info on James Woulds m. to Alice Harrington?? Daughter was Alice Harrington Woulds born abt 1770 in Talbot County.  darylwall@bellsouth.net

November 2008 - Looking for info on the Hall family especially Michael Rayleigh Hall suemeier04@yahoo.com

November 2008 - Looking for the location of Leichester farm or plantation logcando@yahoo.com

November 2008 - Looking for James Benson B1794 and Ann Bromwell & Anna Maria Benson B1805, William Townsend B1804  outpostbear@yahoo.com

December 2008 - Looking for the parents and siblings of John S. McCarty born 1794 in MD. Brothers are Thomas L McCarty, born 1788 in MD and James, born 1789 in MD or DE. Thomas and John moved to Richland/Jasper Counties, Illinois. James moved to Daviess County, Indiana. shelleeanderson@ymail.com

December 2008 - Seeking info on Henry Black b.1737 in Talbot co. his parents were Samuel Black and Catherine Shaw married in Scotland. iolar@ntelos.net

January 2009 - Turners   walterl@gulftel.com

February 2009 - I am looking for information about William Sutton born in 1758 in St.Peters Parish in Talbot County, Maryland. There was some Suttons in Talbot County, Maryland Francis Sutton born approx. 1648 who had sons James and and Henery Sutton  josh.sutton34@yahoo.co

February 2009 - Captain Hnery Alexander transported himself to Md in 1655 He was granted land in Talbot Co. his wifes name was Margaret they grew tobaccoo and had 3 children the son being named John. Any info would be appreciated thank you.  mombo442000@yahoo.com

February 2009 - Looking for info on Waterloo farm, cantabury farm and cooks hope   pkmoosie1@windstream.net

February 2009 - Bright Family - bmirby@yahoo.com

February 2009 - Im looking for any information on J. Marshall Barry and his family. They lived on a farm in Wittman. The farm which had shore frontage on the Chesapeake Bay was purchased about 1905.  thejabarryfamily@msn.com

February 2009 - Seeking information on descendants of Nicholas Benson Jr, b.1737, d. 1823. The 1790 Census suggests he had 5 sons and one dau- later Census indicates one son was named Nicholas.  jwwalt@att.net

February 2009 - Info on John Edmondson, b. Dec 1692  kgplum@msn.com

March 2009 - Collins family   mikefsr@comcast.net

March 2009 - Researching Samuel Eason born, approx 1818, Trappe Dist Talbot Co. e_mccausland@msn.com

March 2009 - Looking for any info on Bridget Collins and Peter ONeill ca. 1850-60?  maryt63@verizon.net

March 2009 - Looking for information on Richard and Robert Macklin from Talbot County around 1667   vickiday@verizon.net

March 2009 - Simon Bexley   nitaq@sbcglobal.net

April 2009 - Need parents of Vinson Jones   pegoty@insightbb.com

May 2009 - :   I am looking for any information concerning Mary Polly Wilson who was married to Elisha Hood. Mary Polly lived in Talbot Co. MD    cathybray@ymail.com

May 2009 - Looking for parents of Jesse Smith (B@1832-35) & Thomas Smith (B@ 1838)  melodysmith2@hotmail.com

May 2009 - EDWARD E. ROE Born 1797, seeking parents Rmacsorley@mindspring.com

June 2009 - Looking for info on Sherwood House in Sherwood, MD  gsal3@verizon.net

June 2009 - Stewart   mavis11@verizon.net

July 2009 - Bartlett   kay_counts@yahoo.com

July 2009 - Caroline Thompson   majinfantry@msn.com

 2005 - 2007

Looking for any Eubank family in Maryland after 1760. Thank you. heartstopper62@aol.com 

Rowins/Rowing/Rowings – looking for any information around 1850. They are in Easton as Rowins in the 1850 census.  jrowings@hotmail.com

Researching Dr. Edward N. Covey. I am a civil war researcher in New Mexico. What can you tell me? Especially do you have a picture?  remhtssgps@earthlink.net

Any info on Levin Harrison b 1809 d 1875. Need first wife and info. On second wife, did she have children when they married?  Mary-tom@olg.com

Trying to find the ancestors of Patrick Spence b St. Peters Parish, TA County about 1680. Married Phoebe Sissarson 24 Nov 1713 St. Peters Parish. Any info appreciated. rdfellows@msn.com

Looking for info on the Yewell family of Talbot County. idamsass@yahoo.com

Wrathburn Haddaway – any info on his death and burial would be appreciated. Married to Mary Philips. Died after 1850.  alronnie@aol.com

Looking for info on Nathaniel, Stephen or Tristram Thomas. I know gggrandfather was Stephen married to a Jane H.  CarolynSHoward@comcast.net

Researching the Hunt family. James born to Samuel and Elizabeth Haddaway Hunt in 1827 – need burial info on Samuel who died 1823-1833, etc.  wah3033@cs.com

Looking for any information on the Larrimore family. drconley@hotmail.com

Looking for any info on John Carroll 1700-1800.  drconley@hotmail.com

March C. Phillips Haddaway wife of Wrathburn b. Haddaway. I can’t find her after the 1870 census living with son Robert in Baltimore city. She married WBH in 1833. alronnie@aol.com

Interested in the Loveday family specifically Thomas Loveday a land holder in the late 1700-1800’s. If anyone knows of an Edward Loveday born late 1700’s I’d love more info.  jloveday@cumberlandcollege.edu

Looking for info on Thomas Thomas born Dec 10 1788 Maryland.  ml_aggf@yahoo.com

Interested in William and Thomas Helme early Talbot. All spellings. irahelms@aol.com

Researching Archelaus B. Price b. 1836 Talbot. Parents Archilius B. Price b ca 1770. Married Elizabeth Neal 1796 Trappe.  tedndianes@yahoo.com

Looking for info on William Hambleton b 1695. Supposed to have son Thomas b ca 1720. Johneh@tds.net

Looking for info on Charles Cannon who m. Elizabeth Brown 1-10-1796 Talbot. kmubareka@hotmail.com

Looking for info on James Holland in Talbot ca 1772. Know he had daughter Nancy b ca 1774 and son John.  Jhollan11@mchsi.com

Looking for any info on Wiliam T. Bridges died 1920 Bozman, father of 8 sons, farmer, wife Susan Lucretia (Jones?). Looking for names of cemeteries in the area.  astewball@yahoo.com

Looking for info on tract “Maidens Defeat” originally deeded to a Cummings. My ggrandfather Robert Francis Sewell inherited it from his mother Eliza.  glbobbin@msn.com

Johnson Family – 1880 John and wife Susan, children Ida, Rose Carroll and Frank. Any one know of this family? lindasbuckingham@hotmail.com

Martin Russell m. Mary Callahan in Cordova. 2 sons James b 1888 and William b 1891. Mary died 1895. Would like to know which church married etc. lizbon@optonline.net

Info on Amanda Smith second wife of Robert James Faulkner. Married June 1881 and had dau Sallie A 1881. Amanda b ca 1863 and died between 1881-1888, when he married Amanda Ella Carmine.  agnesb@goeaston.net

Seeking info, documentation of pedigree of Rachel Benson Newnam b 19 Mar 1775 TA dau of Nicholas Benson II and Ann Gary. According to family Nicholas Benson I b 3-1-1699 was Rachels grandfather.  jwwalt@att.net

Seeking info on John M. Bartlett b 3 Nov 1742 TA d. 8-26-1784 TA. Parents Joseph Bartlett and Martha Milton. rbartlet@bellsouth.net

Anyone know the history of Skipton in TA? Founded, when, named by, for, etc?? singhals@erols.com

Need actual boundary lines of Bay Hundred. aherridge@direcway.com

Searching for location of land owned by Dr. Alward McKeel at St. Michaels. florence.womack@wescanric.org

Seeking info on Wests in Kent and Talbot counties in 1600’s. Lotan West m. Hannah Marchant, John West m. Jone Beerst.  kskorich2@aol.com

Seeking info on Robert Robertson/Robinson. Born TA September 1812. Any info appreciated. tmr2@adelphia.net

James Reddie of TA served with 1st MD CSA at Gettysburg, listed as wounded, eventually drowning at Rock Creek. jmkelly@norwoodlight.com

John Madison Baker b. 1847 Baltimore or TA. Could have ben son of James and Sarah Baker of TA. sara.mcgee@comcast.net

Looking for newspaper account of wedding of Marie Dodson and Martin Joseph Mullin Oct 17, 1917. She was dau of state senator Richard Dodson. Wedding at Maiden Point or Fair Haven. Hometeam329@earthlink.net

Looking for info on Rachel Ann Gregory b ca 1781 married Amasa Case MD 1809. dottiejg@peoplepc.com

Foster Price b c 1787 m Ester Riggins, both b MD. By 1820 in Fayette Co OH. Appreciate any help. menke008@umn.edu

Looking for info on the family of Mary Edith Harrison daughter of William J. Harrison the son of Samuel Harrison. They lived on Harris Creek. Mary Edith Harrison m John Alexander Sinclair. dfelter@aol.com

Need info on Capt. William Roe, Capt and half owner of schooner Henry Nicholas. Died late 1835 left widow Catherine Scott. grdunavan@hotmail.com

Need info on family of Edward Clark and Jane Atkinson of Tuckahoe and Third Haven Quaker meeting congregations of TA from 1680-1800. grdunavan@hotmail.com