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Reply Kozhamet
12:38 AM on July 7, 2018 
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Reply Juli Begley
4:18 PM on April 5, 2018 
Looking for information on a Mental Hospital around 1958 with information on a Dr. Rue.
Reply Georgianna LeCompte
3:30 PM on April 1, 2018 
My grandmother Hattie E Wales (maiden name Hunt) died in 1962 and is buried in Olivet Cemetery in St. Michaels....the grave is unmarked.....who could I look to that might have a locator map of the graves in that cemetery....I would like to locate her grave and place a marker on it.
Reply Mary Kaiser
10:27 AM on April 13, 2017 
I'm wondering if someone can do a quick look-up in Tombstones of Talbot County, Vol. 3, page 252?
What information might be there for Katherine F. Lee, died August 12, 1962 in Spring Hill Cemetery? Thanks so much.
4:59 PM on May 23, 2016 
I am looking for information on Francis Armstrong who was born in Ireland in 1629. His wife was Frances Armstrong. All of the information that I come across all repeats the story of him selling a portion of his land to help build the Talbot County courthouse. Does anyone know of any other resources that will give me more information on Francis? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
Reply Mollie Horney
12:18 PM on March 30, 2016 
Laura says...
I have been trying to trace this line back as well. Robert F. Sewell is the father of my great grandmother Lillie Elmira Sewell Covington. It is a very complicated line to keep straight because it appears that a lot of Sewell cousins intermarried frequently and with the Cummings family. My great grandmother always claimed that she was a descendant of the Calvert family. Checking into that I have been able to make the Sewell connection but I am having a hard time tracking them into Talbot County. If the connection can be made, it would mean that we are the descendants of 3 very historically famous Sewells, one being a Salem Witch Trial judge, and cousins to Lousia Mae Alcott and a famous poet. I have to pull out the info. again

Hi there!
I'm not sure if this helps, but I have two Robert F. Sewell's in my family tree, father and son. My 4th great grandfather, Robert Frances Sewell (1833-1908 roughly) married an Emily Cummings (1837-1918). They had several children, including another Robert Frances, born in 1862. The younger Robert Frances is buried in the Sherwood United Methodist Cemetery. It's in the corner, he is buried with his wife. I hope this helps you!
Reply Mollie Horney
12:06 PM on March 30, 2016 
I am looking for some information about my 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Horney. I believe he was born in 1815, and I have been able to locate information about his wife and children, but he seems to disappear from documentation later in his life. I would love to know his death date, or where he is buried (I have not been able to find information to suggest that he is buried with his wife). Any information would be absolutely wonderful!
Reply Carol Mitchell
12:21 PM on February 15, 2016 
I am looking for information on the ancestry of my 4th great grandmother, Sarah Hambleton. I think she may have been the daughter of Philemon Hambleton (1750-1804) and Margaret Thomas but I have been unable to locate information to make the connection. Sarah was born in Talbot County, sometime between 1780-1786 (depending upon the source) and married John Hossefross in Baltimore County in 1817. Although they lived in Baltimore during the first years of their marriage, sometime between 1820 and 1826, they moved to Easton where John had a store. In 1826, John passed away. Two years later notices were placed in several newspapers to the "heirs of John Hossefross" for delinquent taxes past due on 62 1/4 acres of land - Part Sherwood Island and part Hambleton's Discovery. In tracing the land, I know that at least until 1799, it was owned by Philemon Hambleton (1750-1804) and I assume it was his at the time of his death. I figure that Sarah inherited the land at some point, but as of yet, I have not been able to substantiate her relationship to Philemon. I would greatly appreciate any information.
Reply Anne Westbrook
6:16 PM on August 28, 2015 
Preston Goforth was a born in Talbot County in 1714. He married Rachel Clements about 1739. I don't know if the marriage took place in Talbot County or not. I am interested in finding a copy of their marriage record.
Reply Sarah Capiti (Rowins)
12:45 AM on July 2, 2015 
looking for any info. concerning 'James F Rowins/Rowens/Rowan' married to 'Jennie'
Reply Deb Hill
10:05 PM on June 18, 2015 
Noah Hoxter x Anne Warner. children Gulia, Martha & Clara.
Noah died 1852 "Dover Ferry, near Easton". Looking for the lost Clara. (My ancestor is her sister Gulia). I know Gulia and Martha went to Philadelphia.
Reply Ellen Hambleton
3:29 PM on May 27, 2015 
William Hambleton (1636-1677) lived at Martingham, Talbot County. I can't figure our how he got to MD, was he from Scotland? He was known as "The Scotsman". He appears to have arrived wealthy and he stopped at Giles Brent's plantation on the Potomac, before he arrived in MD. I have read that he was under the wing of Lord Baltimore. Where their families friends? I believe he was a Quaker at the Third Haven Meeting House. He married a Quaker, Sarah Watkins, from Anne Arundel County. He came as a settler. No headrights. He purchased a home from Mr. Martyn.
Reply Linda Laird
1:12 PM on April 11, 2015 
I am looking for information about Jesse Hull and his family. He married Mary Haddaway in 1809 and Ann Porter in 1816. Both wives died in Talbot County. He moved his family to Marion, Ohio after 1820
Reply Mary O'Halloran
3:05 PM on April 9, 2015 
I am trying to check the validity of a Certificate of Marriage from April 5, 1962 between John Frances O'Halloran and Patricia Jeanne McNally in Cambridge, Md.
Reply Mark Dawson
4:44 PM on March 22, 2015 
Our SNP R-U198 project at FTDNA needs DNA test data from Dawson-surnamed males descending from Ralph Dawson (1632-1706) of Talbot County. Just a few samples might break our puzzle. A $17.50 test for SNP CTS4089 is available from YSEQ DNA Shop at www.yseq.net. Further testing may be paid for. All questions promptly answered. How best to spread the word?